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Crispy Christie | November 16, 2016

Chris Christie came to national fame as one of the early Republican wins of the post-Obama era. He became governor in January of 2010 with a strong belief in law and order and little time for the complaining of teachers’ unions. As a Republican in New Jersey, he wasn’t very conservative on environmental or social issues. The worst offense, however, was the boost he gave to Obama in 2012 over support for Hurricane Katrina relief.

Then there was Bridgegate. Staff in Christie’s office have admitted to ordering blockage of the George Washington bridge into New York City. Christie has denied any responsibility, but his general unpopularity will likely lose him his job in 2017.

Plan B would be a job in the Trump White House. However, Christie sort of represents the swamp that Trump was going to drain. In another unfortunate coincidence, he’s the prosecutor who put Charles Kushner in jail for a year. Jared Kushner, Charles’ son, is married to Ivanka Trump and has been a trusted adviser to Donald Trump. Christie may have had a short leash the whole campaign and now it’s been cut.

Chris Christie is most likely toast. If he does get a job in the Trump administration, which is likely because Trump needs to fill 4000 jobs in a hurry, it will be a demotion from governor. Politics is a rough game.


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