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November 8, 2016
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Delayed Live Blogging from Indifference 2016

12:05am Dixville Notch, NH registered the first actual polls. Of the 8 voting residents, 4 for Clinton, 2 for Trump, 1 for Gary Johnson and 1 for write-in Mitt Romney. Trump tied with “Other.”

7 am Voted at the church down the road. Yes, it was for Gary Johnson, all the way at the bottom of the ballot.

5 pm Got bamboozed for the first time today by CNN’s “first” exit polls, which are just generic polls they use instead of giving Trump / Clinton numbers after the humiliation of 2000.

7 pm First polls. Trump ahead with a bunch of ties.

7:10 pm North Carolina extending voting hours in selected counties. Why not just allow next day voting for Democrats?

7:50 pm Crazy. has Trump at 123, almost halfway to 270. Clinton is at 3. Let’s see what happens in 10 minutes.

8:30 pm Trump might win Florida. If he does, this night gets longer.

10 pm 12 states too close to call, including Florida, which Trump will win. We knew Romney was toast by 9 pm.

11:30 pm The question is now “Can Hillary Clinton win?” Wow.

12:30 am Now that it is Wednesday, I’m going to stop the live blog. I’ll either post when a winner is announced or when I get tired of waiting for a winner to be announced.


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