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Star Wars

November 7, 2016
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Soon, the contest will be over. Either we get a minor, but constant media figure since the days of Ronald Reagan, or we end up with a figure who’s been in the national political spotlight for nearly as long. Donald Trump has been abandoned by the same liberal New Yorkers who used to attend his cocaine-fueled underage model parties or chose not to report on them, now that he stopped being a liberal. Hillary Clinton is about as deservedly unlikable a candidate as has ever been seen in the media. Some of her most outspoken detractors were people¬†who voted for her in the Democratic Party Primaries of 2008.

So, will we get Return of the Jedi (Trump) where the rebels overcome tremendous odds or does the Empire (Hillary) strike back and all the pundits and pols are proven right? Who knows? In my case, who cares?


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