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8 Years

November 6, 2016
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I started this blog the day after the 2008 election. That means this election is dragging on four days longer than in 2008. Either Obama will get to have his reign last slightly longer before he learns his legacy is toast or the agony is drawn out longer before we find out the Clinton long game worked again.

With Election 2016 winding down, the indifference is strong. Now, fully 1/3 of voters have been cajoled into voting early. This is a disturbing process that lets Democrats constantly harass people who have not early voted to tell them to vote. If you wonder why the results of early voting has to be public information, it’s because Democrats want it that way. For Donald Trump to win, he needs about 10 million Americans to come out who didn’t even bother to stop Obama for the last 8 years. Even if Trump wins, the last minute early voters are assholes, because they could have stopped Obama in 2012.

If Trump wins, it will be because Hillary Clinton could be beaten by a ham sandwich and Trump was the meat puppet in the right place. The only way he stands for Republican values is by turning the White House over to Mike Pence.


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