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Why I’m Voting (Libertarian) | November 5, 2016

There was a certain level of fear by Trump supporters that #NeverTrump was #ForHillary. Now that has mostly dissipated. Since more than 90% of Republicans and leaners are voting for Trump anyway, a few votes for Gary Johnson or Evan McMullin are the price of not voting for Hillary due to dissatisfaction with Trump.

Still, some people don’t feel that way. The Federalist, of all sources, published an editorial about third-party voting as escapism. All these arguments boil down to two things. That there is only a binary choice and that Satan is worse than Hitler, so vote Hitler. That’s why I prefer Reason magazine, which simply encourages people not to vote at all.

I will vote this year. There are plenty of local candidates who may need my vote. As for president, I guess not voting for Trump will ultimately make me NeverTrump. In reality, I think there are things that might have made me able to vote for him, but they would involve some evidence of empathy and I never found any.

Given that the Republicans and Democrats are both bad, (and the Democrats are starting to drag down the GOP) more parties are an imperfect solution. In the case of the two big parties, Clinton could beat Trump by 20% and it wouldn’t effect the standing of the GOP on ballots. The Libertarians, however, are dependent on every percent of the popular vote. I live in one of the 6 states where Clinton is ahead by 20 points, so my vote really wouldn’t count either way except as a vote for the Libertarian Party.

I have wondered if I would break down and vote for Trump if I lived in the 6-10 “swing” states identified over the election season. Looking at the numbers, only in Florida. I’m not that bitter.


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