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5 Days | November 3, 2016

It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

Four years ago, Benghazi was a FUBAR situation that the Romney campaign took note of. After lies from both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, plus lies from the media, the fiction of a protest over a YouTube video that most people in Libya probably can’t even see was the excuse used to take it off the table on Election Day. At the time, Republicans would have loved to pin it on Obama and not cared about Hillary Clinton’s role.

Then, the e-mails came out.

It was fairly obvious Clinton did not want her missives out of her control and decided to use a different e-mail domain. Even if the government was not very secure with their e-mail, they would be responsible for any breaches. Clinton may not think it makes any difference, the fact that she and Obama knew this was a terrorist attack and chose to cover it up during an election season is a worse violation of the Hatch Act than anything James Comey has done.

While the situation worsens, there is very little time left. Trump is a bad candidate, but all his crimes were done in secret, he didn’t try to hide them after the fact. He even seems to be very bad at the cover-up. Trump has to find that sliver of third party voters who are willing to vote for him. Trump needs Florida, North Carolina and Florida, and that’s if he doesn’t lose Utah to Evan McMullin. Clinton only needs one of them.


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