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6 Freaking Days | November 2, 2016

I was talking to someone who had come to the same conclusion that I did. The country was over when Mitt Romney lost in 2012.I was more hopeful with candidates like Scott Walker and Ted Cruz who could navigate the political scene. With Hillary, we have a skilled demolitionist of traditional freedoms and small government. With Trump, we have a total disaster who talks a big game. We know how bad Clinton will be. How bad would Trump be?

Let’s look at the Supreme Court. The Republicans won’t have 60 seats in the Senate, so Democrats could block an appointment much like Republicans do now. Plus, unless Ted Cruz gets an appointment, (which would lose a Senate seat and never be confirmed) judges appointed by Republicans have a bad habit of turning left. If Trump takes advice from his sister, there’s a chance of that.

Executive orders and everything else. The Democrats are probably going to have at least 48 Senate seats. Will 19 Republicans switch sides for veto overrides? What about the House? If the swamp is as bad as Trump supporters suggest, the Congress could become a shadow executive branch.

Remember Obamacare? As bad as that was, it took a lot of political manipulation and outright lying to get it passed with majorities in both houses. It was ill-defined by Obama and essentially written by Congressional staffers. Who’s going to write the trillion dollar budget proposal for the big ass wall? Who’s going to offset massive tax cuts?

Finally, Trump will bore of the job after winning the election. Mike Pence will get a lot of executive experience, but little credit. Then again, he might have a really sweet gig if the impeachment hearings make Pence president.


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