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Suckers | November 1, 2016

One thing about Donald Trump that bothers me is that he has this abnormal level of egotism that makes him unable to view his actions through his peers. Truly, he feels that he has no peers. It’s the main reason I would never give power to this man. Unfortunately, a man like Trump has a powerful personality. People want to believe his pretty lies and his swagger allows them to.

While Trump does not need the media as much as Obama did to project an image of certainty, the media and the left supplied necessary oxygen to the fact that Donald Trump was actually running for president. The reasons were obvious. They felt that could use Trump as a tool to brand the Republicans with some very harsh rhetoric and ruin their chances for years to come.

Much like the people who tried to do business with Trump, (like the pollster who’s been stiffed) Democrats could not control the outcome of this election. 45% of the primary voters liked Trump, but so does 45% of the population at large. With other candidates like Gary Johnson and Evan McMullin, Trump actually has a chance. Throw in the absolute shit show of Clinton scandals that actually have to do with the government, it looks more and more like they were played for suckers.

Yet again, I really couldn’t care less which way this goes.


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