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9 Days | October 30, 2016

I am aware that I don’t get it, but I think I sort of get it.

Back in 2012, the conservative wing of the party wanted Sarah Palin to run. She declined, knowing that Republican would torpedo the election so that she wouldn’t become president and getting donations would be tortuous, even though her endorsements were like gold in 2010. I didn’t think Romney was an especially great choice, but I figured he could take all the crap the MSM could throw at him. He still lost.

2016 was a distorted version of 2012. The candidates were either completely inexperienced in politics, legislators who tried to make a name for themselves in the Tea Party, or establishment types who would eventually get the nomination. I don’t think Donald Trump won the nomination as soon as he announced. He probably did have it, however, when Sarah Palin endorsed Trump specifically over Ted Cruz. Cruz’s consolation prize was the endorsement of Glenn Beck, which was more of a wash in the end. Her endorsement still means something.

Like about 2/3 of the Republican Party, I don’t get why 40% of the party voted for him. Yeah, Trump got 45% of the primary vote, but some of them were Democrats and the last 9 states were won essentially uncontested. Winner take all is a hell of a thing.

Historically, I have backed horses in the GOP that I wasn’t crazy about. Romney is a good example, as well as McCain. I reluctantly voted for Bush at least once. Aside for a disdain I’ve had for Trump for at least a decade, I think the main problem is that Trump refuses to accept that he is part of something. He certainly isn’t a Republican. He’s a guy who was converted to Republican and reads out of the hymnal. He hates most Republicans and doesn’t have a vision, just a bunch of big ideas that will never happen. In a way, the Trump supporter is kind of like me, who knew this country was over when Obama won promising more of the same. Trump is not going to drain the swamp, he’s going to Drano the swamp.


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