Days of Change

10 Days | October 29, 2016

This election may be the most important since 1980 in defining what it means to be a Republican. Since Reagan, more people have described themselves as conservatives, but even conservatism is being redefined.

Redstate writer Susan Wright posted a piece about the two sides of the Trump divide who used to be one. There are the people who are, at this point, never to vote for Trump. Then there are the converts. These are Republicans who see this election as a binary choice between Trump and Clinton and have decided that Hitler is better than Satan. They make up the majority of the 56% of Republican primary voters who did not choose Donald Trump.

Most likely, Never Trump and recent converts will be able to play nice after the election. However, Trump supporters are going to have to define themselves outside of Donald Trump. Al lot of this will happen whether Trump wins or looses.

In the case of a Trump loss, it would be easy for the establishment to tell Trumpers to fall in line or go to hell. That would doom the GOP in vital 2018 mid-term elections. The reality is, however, they would have very little choice but to drop out and let Democrats double-down on Obamanation. Except for the bigots, conspiracy nuts and morons, Trumpers will slowly accept Republicans again, as long as they stick to some principles.

If Trump wins, it’s a different story. Given recent events, Republicans will have the House and have a decent shot at keeping the Senate. Almost none of these Congressmen are rabid Trump fans. A couple of veto overrides could teach Trump that there are three branches for a reason. However, Trump becomes the standard bearer for the GOP. Never Trump will have to make the decision of how to work in a political system where neither major party is in line with their beliefs. For me, it would be the year I stop being a registered Republican.

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