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If Trump Can’t Win Now… | October 28, 2016

Anthony Weiner is the gift that keeps on giving.

In what can only be a case of intervention by angel Andrew Breitbart, an investigation into Weiner led to the seizure of his and Huma Abedin’s electronic devices. Of course, her devices contained e-mails that were not turned over by Hillary Clinton, but were meant to be. The FBI, either out of an abundance of caution or fatigue over getting jerked around by this administration, reopened the e-mail investigation. Just to make this clear, early voting is in full swing and the election is about a week away.

The fact is that literally and Republican should have been able to beat Hillary Clinton. Bush, Rubio, Cruz and possibly Kasich would have had more support from donors, used big data and acted presidential this campaign season. Trump, who lived on free media exposure, has been dying from it for a month now. Early voting is starting and the ground game is in effect. People are openly admitting to casting ballots of the dying before election day. As devastating as this is for Hillary Clinton the candidate, the Clinton machine is in full effect.

I suppose the good news is that Trump may actually snatch the presidency away from Hillary Clinton. Then there will only be the matter of Donald Trump being president.  I guess that’s better than the alternative.


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  1. I find it somewhat comical that we’re about to put Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton in charge of cybersecurity. I mean really, think about that one.

    I especially liked how they were talking all tough about retaliating against Russian hackers. So is the plan to “accidentally” dump so much information on them they can’t keep up, or are we going to just spam them with endless Weiner pics?

    Comment by insanitybytes22 — October 28, 2016 @ 9:36 pm

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