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This is Why | October 27, 2016

I understand that Trumpers want everyone to whip themselves up over the idea of a groundswell that will suddenly flock to the polls on November 8. The polls are skewed, look at the crowds and the media lies.

Been there, done that. Since most of my readership also views The Crawdad Hole, I linked to this post from 4 years ago. It’s about how Obama doesn’t have as good of a ground game and that Romney is going to win 300 Electoral votes, including the ones in Ohio. Romney lost 5 out of 6 states that were close, including Ohio. Also, some of the posters still thought Hillary was not involved in Benghazi.

I already psyched myself into the “Romney’s going to win”delusion 4 years ago and I liked him more than Trump. I really don’t care if Trump wins. It sets a bad precedent, but at least Hillary wouldn’t be president. Oh, and the reason I don’t have any posts in that topic is because I was banned for unknown (to me) reasons right before the election in 2012.

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