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I Think There’s Only One Week In Me | October 26, 2016

What bothers me about politics is the number of people who treat it as a coin flip. Republicans have won in 2014, 2010, 2004, 2002 and to a lesser extent in 2000. The reasons are possibly disturbing. Either Democrat-leaning people only show up for the big elections or Republican-leaning people are sitting home during the big elections because they don’t like the choices. The second option is what Trump relies on. These are the “shy” voters who love him so much they will come out like its a local election.

People who don’t vote don’t seem to understand the effect of large numbers. They want someone to give them feels to motivate them. They also claim that the kind of candidate they want never runs. Well, small corrections come after large corrections. Vote for people close to what you want, and you should have the opportunity to vote for even better candidates in the future.

Donald Trump is the large correction. He’s too large, so we’ll get Obama 2.


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