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About that SNL Skit | October 25, 2016

Saturday Night Live only stops phoning it in when they parody politics. This season, they have brought in heavy (as in overweight) hitter Alec Baldwin to play Donald Trump in what they assume is a limited engagement. Last weekend, Tom Hanks, former star of the sitcom Bosom Buddies, guest hosted. Interestingly enough, one of the less political skits got the most attention among conservatives.

The usual format for Black Jeopardy is two Black contestants and a clueless White person. In a twist, Doug was a White guy who was a little clueless, but shared a kinship with stereotypical Black culture. This was all in spite of the “Make America Great Again” he was wearing.

Conservatives have long lamented the phenomenon of Black voters supporting Democrats at over 90% even though they are culturally similar to conservatives in many ways. One clue is the end of the clip where “Doug” is at opposite ends from the rest of the contestants on the matter of Black Lives Matter. Why should the left offer something positive when they can scare with something negative?

One of the reasons I’m pretty sure Trump is toast is because there is no messaging in this campaign. There is only one theme, my way or the highway. Support Trump in every way, or get on his shit list when he wins. I don’t believe in Black outreach because only consistent action by Republicans is going to work. Then again, this idea that Black people will vote for Trump because they should is a total non-starter.

Ironically, Democrats are the reason the Black community is in jeopardy.

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