Days of Change

Even McMullin | October 24, 2016

So, it seems that Gary Johnson only needs 5% of the popular vote to get federal funds for the Libertarian Party. That’ enough reason for me to vote for him. 5% is possible.

Of course, 5% is not certain. Evan McMullin, the joke candidate endorsed by National Review and other #NeverTrump is pulling ahead of Johnson in a few of the 10 places where he’s on the ballot. In Utah, it’s a blowout. McMullin is in first place. Now, the Clinton campaign is trying to draw support off the anti-Trump Mormons to vote for Hillary.

The founders of this country were never happy with political parties. Unfortunately, parties were necessary for an uneducated population. Now, they’ve written the rules so that they get primary position in any election. Donald Trump is really and independent candidate, but he found it easier to take an existing structure and slap his name on it, much like most of “his” buildings.

If you can’t stop the parties, we need more of them.


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