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Angels With Dirty Faces | October 22, 2016

Donald Trump cemented himself as a political force when he decided to refuse all immigration reform and proposed a big ass wall that would stop immigration by strolling over the border. It was the triumph of rhetoric over policy. Soon America would be great, Ward could find a job (whatever it was) and June could stay home in her house dress and pearls.

Politics is downstream from culture, but politics cannot be influenced by a cultural figure alone. Donald Trump and Barack Obama are only slightly different. Trump was a flamboyant figure to whom the media was attracted. Obama was a boring ideologue who was styled by the media as an icon of modern politics. In short, Trump is a self-made media figure, but a media figure nonetheless. Obama said he would heal the oceans and bring back America’s place in the world. Trump promises to make America Great again.

A conservative, pro-America message can go a long way. Running not only to the right, but to the fringe can be highly successful in the Republican primaries. The problem is that instead of a real candidate, we have Trump. A real candidate was like George W. Bush. He ran on conservative values, but also ran on his ability to bring both parties together back in Texas. A fake candidate says everyone who doesn’t agree with him is an enemy and the enemy deserves no mercy.

The problem is that Trump has no idea what he believes. He mostly wants to one-up the person he’s going against. I truly wonder why his supporters are so devoted to him. Only a few million people were watching The Apprentice the last time NBC decided to produce it. Were they impressed by Trump’s ability to cut people off mid-sentence and eventually get a paycheck for two of his kids as well?

Donald Trump has taken a valid theory, that of a candidate willing to fight the liberal media and speak plainly about where America should be, and extracted all the professional political work that could be employed in that pursuit. Then, he managed to make people think that lack of professionalism is a virtue.

Culture must come first. Trump was a liberal cultural figure and he is only a few years removed from being a Democrat and a Hillary supporter. Conservatives need to make their own fledgling and separate media into a cultural force. We would have been better off with Dean Cain or Kevin Sorbo running for president. At least they’ve believed in something for more than 6 years.


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