Days of Change

ABC | October 21, 2016

One of the meanings behind ABC in the 90’s was “Anybody But Clinton.” Basically, Clinton was so bad, anyone was better. Back in 1994, Bob Dole was running 60 / 40 ahead of Bill Clinton. Of course, Clinton made it all the way to 49% in 1996 and Dole was in the low 40s because of Ross Perot.

So the threats of apocalyptic disaster should Hillary Clinton win is some old news. I chose not to be ruled by that kind of fear, especially when the mongers are the same people who threatened to vote for Trump on a third-party ticket if he didn’t win the Republican nomination.

This isn’t Brexit. There is no groundswell of CHUDs waiting to climb to the surface and vote for Trump. The Democrats saw this coming and prepared. They’re already airing ads (which amusingly conflate a physical disability with a developmental one) targeted toward Republican women.

Gee, if only there was a GOP candidate who used big data and was an expert debater.

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