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It Worked Before | October 19, 2016

It took about 2 minutes for me to know what the debate was about, after the debate was over. Donald Trump was pressed on the question of whether he would accept the results of an election where he lost. Despite all the cries about a constitutional crisis, this is old news.

Remember, the GOP was very worried about a populist Trump candidacy destroying the Republicans’ chances. The pledge was created, and Trump swore to it… during most of the primary campaign.Everyone but maybe Jeb and John Kasich eventually supported Trump as the nominee. The pledge, of course, was an attempt to give the GOP cover if Trump did run as a third party or told his minions to stay home.

The problem is that Trump saw the opportunity to drum up excitement with his base by basically refusing a new pledge to accept the results of the national election. Why should he? In fact, there was no real reason to accept the Republican pledge, except as a way to help a campaign that was briefly beaten by Ted Cruz. Being a man who stands alone worked with Republican primary voters. I wonder how dumb the rest of the population is.


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