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The Media is for the Media | October 17, 2016

One of the many ironies of this election is that the media propped up the Trump campaign and was lured by ratings to interview him as much as he’d appear. Now, they’ve decided that Trump is not their guy for president and Hillary Clinton is the closest thing to Bernie Sanders they’re going to get. The inevitable turn has happened, yet again. One of the early lines of attack (remember the rape stories the first month of the campaign?) was resurrected.

The minor difference this year is that Trump supporters seemed to think that he was using the media. He got his free air time and brought up all the protectionist stuff his opponents wouldn’t and made the networks cover a hotel opening instead of birther remarks. Of course, McCain thought the media liked him because he was a maverick.

The Republicans are in desperate need of a media strategy. People seem to think that the Democrats are simply the media’s choice. No, the Democrats reinvented themselves into a party that said the stuff the media agrees with. Look at something like gay marriage. That is the culmination of decades of pandering to gays, who found themselves gravitating toward entertainment and media. How about abortion, the solution for young starlets who got themselves in trouble before the universality of birth control.

Trump’s mistake is that he hitched his wagon to a group that had beliefs. He thought all he had to do was talk about the old days and blame everything on foreign immigrants and hostile foreigners. The problem is that many of the people who believe in things know that Trump does not. Worse yet, the media now realizes Trump is not one of them anymore.

Now, Trump is back to his core beliefs, that he is a god among men and only cheating and duplicity can (temporarily) bring him down. The media is watching the fall, because even if Trump has no chance, it’s getting ratings.


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