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The Return of Egg McMuffin | October 13, 2016

A poll in Utah puts Trump and Clinton even at… 26% each. Gary Johnson has a decent 14%. The surprise, however, is that Evan McMullin, the hope of the NeverTrumpers, is at 22%. That puts him in the margin of error of the top two candidates. It also means that Mormons, who currently have a choice between Johnson and McMullin, could actually achieve a state victory, and not just the moral kind, by switching to him.

This could mark the first time since 1968 when a third party candidate was actually represented in the Electoral College. Utah is only good for 6 Electoral votes, but it would surpass the 0 votes Ross Perot or John Anderson got. McMullin is on few state ballots and has very little chance in any of them but Utah. It does, however, indicate how many of the actual conservatives are over the Republican Party.

The good news is that if the name or just the organization of the Republicans fades away, a new, stronger party could take its place in just a couple of election cycles. The religious and fiscal conservatism of the Reagan coalition was mostly limited to Reagan and Bush (43). Carter won the Evangelicals in 1976 until he went full leftist. Nixon and most of his predecessors were big government anti-Communists.

In a sense, this reckoning has been coming for at least a decade since the GOP abandoned the Contract With America’s promises to limit terms by 2006. Now, the party is running on an imperial presidency in the hopes that Trump rally goers will break the rules of mathematics and multiply their votes in the polling booths. Too bad Hillary supporters have already voted.


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