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Trump 0.0 | October 12, 2016

You are released.

Unfortunately, politicians like Ted Cruz are screwed. Reince Priebus applied pressure last month in what was the peak of “That Trump idiot might accidentally win this thing” fever to tell GOP candidates that they had to respect the almighty pledge specifically designed to make Donald Trump not run against the Republicans if he lost. Surprise! Trump got the nomination and he STILL ran against the Republicans.

The rank and file Republican, like me, can now join the war Trump started last week and not vote for him. That doesn’t mean voting for Hillary. In fact, even Trump supporters are getting so desperate that they’d rather have die hards vote for Gary Johnson or Evan McMullin because a vote for them is now not a vote for Hillary.

In 2012, the right was talking about this preference cascade where Obama’s support would crater and Romney would win comfortably. Obama did lose a lot of his 2008 support, but he still won. The weapons-grade Donald Trump that emerged last week has taken a stand. If you are less than 100% dedicated to him, get the hell out. That’s the new pledge and I accept. He created his own preference cascade that will crater his coalition.

Again, the GOP tried to shape democracy and ended up with the worst outcome. Releasing the delegates at the convention could have stopped Trump. Changing the rules could have stopped Trump. Encouraging donations and support toward Ted Cruz early in the race could have stopped Trump. Now, nothing can stop Trump from doing what they feared, killing the Republican party in 2016.


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