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You Can’t Have Him Either | October 9, 2016

There’s been speculation that Trump ran for president to grow his brand and get a bigger contract for his main source of personal income, money paid to him by NBC for The Apprentice. Once the boycotts began, NBC was off the table and growing his brand in infamy was all that was left.

I thought this Redstate post summed up the way I look at the Trump phenomenon. It seems most Trump supporters didn’t start out seeing him as their personal savior. Instead, he was the guy who would not back down against the media, use their talking points about Benghazi and Bill Clinton’s rape allegation and not worry about GOP retribution because it’s DC or bust.

One of the arguments I heard after the convention is that Ted Cruz supporters were deluded if they thought he would have gotten anywhere near the nomination if Trump were not in the race. In truth, many Trump fans stared out thinking he would clear the way for a Cruz victory. Would Jeb have won the nomination with no Donald Trump in the race? I doubt it. However, I think Marco Rubio had a good chance.

The Trump campaign is a contrarian strategy. Run to the right (or the sort of pro-life, morally flexible and low tax but for government programs way) and keep going. Don’t give the establishment the ability to do nothing anymore like with Obama. Truly, if the GOP had acted like the cornered animal they did when Democrats had all 3 branches, this may never have happened.

For people like me, compromise is bad in legislation, but it is also bad in candidate selection. A Trump victory means that personality prevails over ideology. Clinton has no personality and is all ideology. But if she loses, another Obama emerges, who has all the techniques to manipulate the population, but is a hard core Democrat.

Unfortunately, the acid test is for Trump to lose. If that happens, the complainers will learn that politics is a game and professionals are required. That can change, but it won’t be quick or easy. Trump is all quick and easy.


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