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What Did You Think Would Happen? | October 8, 2016

I was tempted to save this title for the election day post, but it is probably the best time to get into this. The true believers have already entered the denial and anger stage where they think it’s no big deal and that the Clinton campaign is desperate.

The fact is every campaign is desperate to win. Instead of throwing money and resources everywhere, Clinton is slowly making states unwinnable for Trump with the use of targeted advertising and data analysis. If you think the media is helping them, you are right. I have no doubt that the media saved significant amounts of dirt for October. Alicia Machado was an opening salvo. They wanted to make sure Trump would blame the accuser and not issue an apology. Now, the accuser is a tape.

My theory is that Clinton would exploit the tradespeople that Trump screwed over for years. I suspect the campaign’s data did not back that up. The working class people who like Trump probably didn’t respond to some people who worked for Trump whining about not getting paid enough for their shoddy work. The sexism attack does two things. First, it cuts Trump off from the college educated women who don’t like Hillary but felt weird about voting for Trump. Now, they have an excuse not to. Also, it cuts off Trump’s support among Republicans and donors.

Trump voters had a chance to see what he was about after the rape allegation story came out last year. They chose to ignore it and assume the worst had come out. Worse yet, the despicable Reince Priebus decided to threaten any Republican who didn’t support Trump with serious penalties in the next presidential race. That made sure that almost every Republican name was sullied by Trump.

I swear, someone on Team Clinton must be a fan of “The Last Starfighter.” They pulled a freaking death blossom here. Wait until all your enemies are in range and throw everything you have at them.


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