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Hatred and More Hatred | October 7, 2016

Most Americans don’t like Hillary Clinton. I suspect that most Americans don’t like Donald Trump either, but he is amusing and has the quality of saying it like it is that fulfills the fantasy of telling off assholes we don’t like. In general, people don’t like either of them.

Trump benefited from telling off the GOP candidates earlier this year because most Republicans kind of hate the people that have been put up as candidates. Instead of running to the right of the other candidates, he went off into a no man’s land where a Great Wall of America keeps out Mexicans, illegals are rounded up like cattle and Muslim-Americans wait in long lines to be let back in the US because the foreign Muslims are being tortured. Enhanced interrogation wasn’t enough for Trump.

In normal years, a Republican has to run back to the center to win undecideds while keeping as many of the base as possible. Trump’s support is almost exclusively his base. However, Hillary Clinton is so hated by even her own party that both candidates are effectively within the margin of error of each other.

On the eve of the town hall, a video from an Access Hollywood outtake shows Trump talking about how he picks up women. It’s about what you’d expect.

Rather than belabor the point, this is exactly what Trump opponents from the primary not only feared, but knew would happen. The Democrats have no limits of propriety or relevance to governing  for a news story. Trump trash is news. They are riding the news cycle. Only hours before, Alicia Machado announced she would no longer speak to the media, no doubt because he shady past was brought to light. Instead of allowing breathing room, it created a news hole perfect for the next Trump story.

I agree with the Trumpers that the media is in the tank for Hillary. That just means the stories will keep coming and possibly be worse each time. What ad does Clinton have ready to bring up in Sunday’s debate? I suspect that Trump hasn’t had a real chance since Ted Cruz said to vote your conscience at the convention. Instead, Clinton is working a quiet ground game to win the White House and the Senate, which will hand her the Supreme Court. All the NeverTrumpers in America won’t reverse that.

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