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Hating Cruz is Playing Trump’s Game | October 6, 2016

Although libertarians often worship at the altar of Ayn Rand, one of her central beliefs was there there were certain supermen who were superior to ordinary men. They were meant to throw off the shackles of state oppression and rule instead. The problem with a meritocracy is that people who rule can thwart democracy and the freedom of individuality.

Now, your average Trump devotee will claim Donald is a superman. He created an empire and his name has become a household word around the planet, even before running for president. I would argue that Fred Trump is more likely the superman. He was the son of immigrants, and started working in construction as a teenager. Fred Trump eventually started building and selling housing until he became the real estate mogul of Queens. He also managed to a daughter who became a federal judge and a son who was not that bright, but able to use his father’s money and connections to buy off important people and stiff the little people.

On top of the news that Ted Cruz supports Trump now, another humiliation is a video of Cruz making calls for Trump. That’s surprising in itself, as he has few offices open.

Another chapter unfolded in the rathole of bitterness that is the NeverTrump blogosphere. Cruz sold out his principles. Cruz isn’t the savior of the movement. Why did he ever give us hope? Ted Cruz is a Republican and the leadership told him that there will be punishment if he continues to avoid Trump. Yes, Cruz could have said no and been primaried or he could have quit and become a Libertarian or something. However, he wants a political future, he made his point weeks ago and defiance will make him about as electable as Evan McMullin.

All the people who have chosen Cruz as their superman are just as bad as Trump supporters or the people waiting for Sarah Palin to run for president in 2012. If Ted Cruz is the only man in Congress who fights for your ideals, it’s time to get some more people like Cruz in Congress. There will never be freedom as long as we argue about which strongman we want to rule us.


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