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The Campaign of Anger and Denial | October 2, 2016

When Mitt Romney was pretty clearly winning the primary contest in 2012, I got into the head space that Romney was going to win and that Barack Obama was trying, but ultimately unable to pull it off. Romney was close, but he tried to court former Obama supporters at the expense of ignoring conservatives who weren’t sure about him.

Donald Trump is going a different way. He is betting that he can keep serving up red meat to a base of people who would usually stay home for the Republicans during a general election with the hope that Hillary Clinton can’t get her people out. If he loses big, well, he still has a story to tell and some money in the bank from the RNC renting Trump Tower.

Thus is the story of his tax return.

Much like the soldier about to go on a dangerous mission, Trump supporters only feel fear at the prospect that America will not be great again if the mission fails. Most responses to anything Trump are anger and denial. Anger over the tax returns was this morning. Claims flew that someone committed a federal crime. Denial was this afternoon. The leak would only prove that Trump is a smart businessman for turning a massive loss into an opportunity to not pay tax. The most fun theory of the Donald Trump tax return is that Trump himself leaked it. Of course, the Trumpers are saying that because Trump controls all.

Wow. They are even betting their sanity on a Trump win at this point. That’s part of the bargaining. Hillary Clinton and the New York Times itself are just as guilty of tax dodging. The problem is that the Trump campaign is full of hyperbole and exaggeration. Instead of focusing on Hillary saying Sanders supporters are living in their parent’s basement, (which actually indicts Obama’s economy more than the supporters) we have tweets arguing that Venezuelan beauty queens can be called fat house keepers as long as they’re sluts. I suppose that’s all according to plan as well.

I hope Trumpers can declare bankruptcy on their souls when they try to buy them back next year.


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