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Party Over Personality | September 29, 2016

Gary Johnson is a terrible candidate. The good news is that I’m not obsessed with Gary Johnson the person. However, it is pretty clear that Johnson won the Libertarian nomination without a professional campaign structure to prepare him for debates and interviews with the mainstream media, which are basically debates for non-Democrats.

Back in 1992, Ross Perot was peppered with questions until the media realized he was taking votes away from George H. W. Bush. A lot of Perot’s answers amounted to “I don’t care” because he was a one issue candidate. Now, Johnson couldn’t say he didn’t care about Aleppo or world leaders, but Libertarianism wouldn’t accept the premise of those questions anyway.

I’ve already written about Johnson’s Aleppo questions. As far as the latest “who’s your favorite world leader?” I don’t understand why a candidate would rank foreign leaders before an election anyway. Libertarians wouldn’t be obsessed with foreign leaders anyway, since their interaction with them should be limited if you aren’t starting wars all over the world.

The real problem is that Johnson sees his largest voting block as Millennials either in the military (he has a huge chunk of that group) or Bernie Sanders supporters, or both. He has made concessions to Black Lives Matters, Global Warming and other lefty issues to  get them. Trump and his minions should be thanking Johnson rather than crapping on him worse than the Clinton campaign.

So, why would a Republican vote for Johnson? I’d say a conservative is more likely instead. Trump picked up steam by going further to the right, to the point of fascism, on issues like border security, trade and even torture. All of his answers involved Trump’s personal intervention and dictatorship. Now that he has the nomination, Trump has modified his campaign into a more Republican-friendly, Pat Buchanan social conservatism and cultural populism. It’s a continuation of a strong president and a weak Congress, except there’s a good chance those two bodies will end up at war.

Now, I’m willing to give the Libertarian Party a try, even with Johnson at the helm. With both parties against him, he’ll fulfill the dream of limited government that doesn’t pass a law to deal with the problem of people who want the government to do everything. That alone will increase freedom and spur growth. Even if it doesn’t, the other two parties smell like they passed their expiration date.


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  1. I will take a President Gary over a President Hillary any day. It’s the years of being Green or Libertarian or whatev the party d’jour that taught me organization is everything. They failed me as much as Trump’s first run on a Pickle Party type candidacy failed him years ago. Wish Gary jumped into the GOP primaries as much as I wish Jim Webb didn’t drop out of the DNC before Bernie.

    You don’t have to be a Trump supporter, just vote for him. Much better choice than Hillary, y’think? 😉

    Comment by DeniseVB — September 30, 2016 @ 4:33 pm

    • Fortunately, I don’t have the burden of being responsible for either one winning. I live in the fifth bluest state in the US and my vote for Gary Johnson will not turn the tide. If I were in a close state, I might make the same choice, but I would be much more nauseated about it.

      I think a post-Trump GOP cracks in half and I’d like the Libertarians to get 15% of the vote so they can be a federally recognized alternative.

      Comment by 1539days — September 30, 2016 @ 4:40 pm

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