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Clean Defeat | September 26, 2016

About a month ago, I decided to lay off on the Trump bashing to focus on the Clinton bashing. I didn’t exactly endorse Trump, but I did use the “binary choice” thing that Ted Cruz used his week. Ultimately, it is a binary choice. There’s about a 99.99% chance that either Trump or Clinton will be the next president. Early anti-Trumpers kept talking about some candidate like Mitt Romney to draw enough votes to beat Donald Trump. The fact is that the opponents of Trump needed a better battle plan back in the primaries.

The fact is that of the conspiracy theories around a potential Trump loss, the most realistic was that Republicans would stay home in sufficient numbers that Hillary would win. In fact, Sean Hannity made a point of shaming any conservative who thought Trump was a lousy candidate.

Accidental or not, this ends up being an effective Trump strategy. Force the people who identify as Republicans to give up and vote for him, even though his supporters are the first ones to stay home and let Clinton and Obama win. Projection is a big part of Alinsky and Donald Trump tactics. I think Cruz decided that by endorsing Trump weakly a the last minute, he would not get the blame for what looks like a Trump defeat.

Unlike Trump supporters, conservatives believe in the free market. He made it right to dead even with Clinton. Any change his his loss, not the blocking of his gains. When he loses, it will be a clean loss and we can get back to reality.


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