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Hero of the Stupid | September 25, 2016

One thing I found over the last year is that a surprising number of Hillary Clinton supporters from 2008 who became PUMA, voted for McCain and opposed Obama were some of the most ardent supporters of Donald Trump. This is actually not surprising. Trump’s greatest support comes from the self-immolation wing of the Republican Party. They are “sick and tired” of “business as usual” and want to burn the whole thing down because it is all corrupt. I can see why recent Democrats, the Tea Party, outsourced workers and white supremacists don’t have any connection to the GOP.

Chris Matthews of Hardball no-fame often said that Republicans fall in line and Democrats fall in love. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton, many Democrats are not in love with her anymore. In the case of Republicans, the establishment needed someone for the alt-Republicans to love, and it wasn’t going to be Jeb Bush.

An employee of the Howard Stern program, “Stuttering John” Melendez, was dubbed hero of the stupid by the show because he was representative of the stupid. In reality, Stern is the hero of the stupid, because he’s the one stupid people tune in for. Donald Trump is the hero of the disgruntled voter, mostly because his talking points are right out of the comment sections of the internet where his supporters have spent the last decade.

So far, much of the Republican Party regulars have fallen in line. Trump worshipers can believe that the elites are so scared of Trump they’d rather have Hillary, but the people at the top already know that Trump can work for them. It took Kellyanne Conway mere weeks to Svengali Trump’s ass. Imagine how effective she will be whispering in his ear every day at the White House while his kids are back at their no-show jobs.

Getting the fringes of the Republican Party (including the racists, who can’t be courted but whose votes still count) to come together is like herding cats and Trump is wearing a tuna and catnip suit. The real work in the next few weeks for the GOP establishment is to get actual Republicans to hold their noses and vote for their puppet.

In my case, winner stink is worse than loser stink.


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