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It’s Already Over | September 24, 2016

Indifference 2016 is about a lot of things, but for me, it has to do with the fact that dire warnings about a Clinton presidency ring false to me. One blogger ghoulishly brings up Flight 93 as a life (Trump) or death (Clinton) decision about America falling into a chasm of ruin.

Dude, we’re already there. The apocalypse happened in 2012, when the Republicans had a highly qualified candidate up against a moron who caused the Tea Party to come into existence just to slow him down. While somewhat effective in Congressional elections, that group failed to get Romney elected. Romney was proven right again and again after the fact, about Benghazi, about Russia and even about Obamacare.

There are two reasons why a Donald Trump win is a loss. First, Hillary is a horrible candidate. She’s unpleasant enough to begin with. She lost against Obama in 2008, she meets with people who donate to a foundation run by her family and she’s been fighting a battle about e-mail that has nothing to do with e-mail. IN a CNN debate in 2012, the moderator “corrected” Mitt Romney about the reasons behind the Benghazi attack when the White House story was bullshit and the e-mails only serve to prove that Clinton and Obama knew it was bullshit that night. That alone could have cost Romney the election.

In the case of Donald Trump, he won because the GOP decided to hoard political capital by not fighting Obama on health care, the debt or immigration in what could only be an attempt to rile up the base to vote for Republicans. Apparently, voters had it and voted for the most flamboyant outsider, sort of like what happened in 2012 except there were too many flamboyant figures. If he pulls off a win against Clinton somehow, it will be in spite of himself.

The GOP built a runoff pond and kept trying to shore it up as they crapped on their own base for decades. It finally exploded and the result is a river of raw sewage this election season. Unlike so many prognosticators who follow a failed prediction of the end with a new prediction, I stand by the fact that it’s been the end for years.


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