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Tipping the Scales

September 23, 2016
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I didn’t start out as a Ted Cruz supporter. Cruz is a Senator and that makes him less of a fit as a president. Scott Walker had the resume, but he didn’t have a forceful personality. Donald Trump is all personality, something I don’t like. Cruz was better than that.

Cruz gave his endorsement of Donald Trump today, citing the legal obligation argued by the supporters of Trump, a man involved in 3400 lawsuits. Cruz also made the Hitler vs. Satan argument that Hillary is worse and then picked the less insane Trump proposals as strong conservative plans.

So, Trump Twitter (which is quickly becoming the closed site Gab) is cheering the news from a guy who they wanted to destroy two months ago. I guess Trump opponents are supposed to lament with the gnashing of teeth and all that. I think Cruz was in a similar situation to Sarah Palin. He wasn’t going anywhere politically and supporting Trump is the right decision.

It’s also pragmatic. If Trump can win, it will still be close. Cruz’s endorsement as the final push begins means that he sees Trump as malleable and trainable enough to be president, given the right advisers. Plus, whatever he can add to the vote (especially in Utah and other lagging red states) will add to his status in the party. He said to vote your conscience, and I believe his is clear.

However, I think Trump is a complete disaster and will kill what I want in the Republican Party. If he loses, Hillary will most likely win, but I can vote for Gary Johnson with a clear conscience. Obama and Trump both want to use big government to fix everything instead of letting nature or the free market take its course.

Over the last month, Trump was able to get close to victory. He is already falling behind Hillary Clinton again. I, like the majority of Republicans who did not vote for Trump in the primaries, will not lose him the election. I chose to be even-handed in my comments over the last month. In that time, Trump became a viable candidate. If he loses, nothing I do would change that. So now, I will heed the words of Ted Cruz at the convention. I will vote up and down the ballot for Republicans, but just not at the top.


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