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Trump’s Foundations

September 21, 2016
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In the realm of binary choices, Clinton vs. Trump is kind of a doozy. Assuming you don’t like Donald Trump as a candidate and don’t want to vote for him, Trump supporters want you to vote against Hillary because she is worse. The majority of Republicans will likely do that. Given the numbers, half of Trump supporters would have chosen someone else for the nominee and are actually voting against Hillary.

While some people (let’s call them deplorables) either spin bad news about Trump or just don’t care, other potential Trump voters have to brace themselves or each bit of bad news. Lately, it’s been about the Trump foundation.

In this case, the Foundation is a non-profit that Donald Trump seeded with some money, but has mostly operated without any donations from him for many years. At the same time, when Trump or his companies have been required to make a donation in lieu of a court settlement, it was made with Trump Foundation money. In the cases where it was illegal, fines have been paid. Of course, this is why the government eventually fines punitively. People try to get away with shit so often and succeed that only a painful lesson will change behavior.

Now, the deplorable response is that either 1)the media made it up /left stuff out or 2)Trump is a smart businessman and found a way to make charity work for him. The deplorables are the lucky ones. Other potential Trump voters have to remind themselves that Hillary is the Devil and Trump is the alternative. So, when someone who’s voting for Trump complains about him, the deplorables should really leave them alone. Otherwise, they may go crazy and vote for Hillary.


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