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Maybe Colmes Needs to Come Back

September 20, 2016
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Red State linked to this unlisted YouTube video featuring a series of testimonials for Donald Trump. Among them is radio personality and Fox News host Sean Hannity.

I guess the heartland is a state of mind, since Hannity lives in New York. Unfortunately, Hannity also works for Fox News. Fox has always argued that their evening programming is opinion instead of journalism. Of course, Hannity used to host his show with Alan Colmes in a format similar to CNN’s Crossfire.

Since Barack Obama was elected, Hannity has flown solo. And his opinion is that he will do whatever he can to support conservatism. That has led to him doing whatever he can to support Republican victories. Lately, it means he is gearing his power as a media figure to getting Donald Trump elected. Truly, he has done more as a single media figure to get someone elected than any one of the collection of Clinton sycophants.

However, it seems that Fox News has to dust off some broadcast standards. They have put their foot down that Hannity cannot do ads or testimonials for Trump, save for the incidental ones that occur on his program. If the Trump News Network takes off, there may be good reason for Sean Hannity to pilot that ship.



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