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RNC Proves Trump Opponents Right | September 19, 2016

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus essentially threatened Republican nominees who did not praise Donald Trump for beating them that they would be shut out of future GOP presidential nomination contests. This is literally everything that’s wrong with the GOP leadership and how Donald Trump became the nominee by default.

Except for Jeb Bush, the candidates uninterested in supporting Donald Trump were not wanted in the presidential race by the establishment in the first place. The RNC saw this as an election where Bush and Marco Rubio would run, Jeb would get the nomination and Marco would be his running mate. That would set up a legacy where Rubio could run for president in another 8 years.

Even though conservatives had many candidates like Ted Cruz and Scott Walker, the Republicans figured they had enough money and organization to stop them. Then Trump came along. In the ensuing free market election, Ted Cruz emerged as the only effective challenger. Cruz is who this is all about.

Priebus and the RNC has chosen to wed themselves to Trump because he is the only choice. Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz decided that they don’t have much of a chance at the nomination in the future in a party where Trump becomes president. Frankly, if Trump loses, the GOP establishment won’t care about who didn’t endorse Trump and will refer to him as a mistake and a loser within weeks, like they did with John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Donald Trump isn’t a sign of what’s wrong with Republicans. He’s an indication of how feckless and unprincipled the establishment is.


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