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Lucky Number Seven

September 14, 2016
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Samsung is facing worse and worse news regarding their 7th generation phones. Besides the Galaxy 7 Note overheating and exploding, the problem seems to exist in the Galaxy S7 phone release as well. Apple is also in some trouble. With little in the way of bells and whistles for the iPhone 7, the biggest wow factor was the lack of an actual headphone jack on a device used for the transmission of sound. Besides claims that wireless is the future, Apple also needed the connector gone to make room for more electronics and improve its water resistance. Samsung has a more waterproof phone, but the irony is that you may need to throw it in water when it catches fire.

Phones have become so feature-rich in the last decade that people use them more and never leave home without them. This means the batteries are constantly being drained and phones are extremely likely to face negative environmental conditions, like small bodies of water. At the same time, durability and power efficiency are not considered sexy marketing points. Many of the gains in fuel economy and safety in cars are due to government regulations.

What’s scary (besides the giant danger label on any phone box with a battery) is that the government (Chuck Schumer, I bet) will want to regulate the amount of innovation in a phone. They’ll decide people want cooler, heavier batteries with less charge and mandatory impact cases for all the currently small, sleek phone casework. Maybe the kids will know what a brick phone looks like after all.


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