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Escape From New York | September 13, 2016

The state of New York, in addition to its Trump University lawsuit, has also started an investigation into the Trump Foundation. Even better, a New York judge will decide whether it is in the public interest to unseal records from Donald Trump’s first divorce requested by the media. Welcome to New York when you’re a Republican.

New York has a lot of legal and tax policies that make it a terrible place to live. It’s even a terrible place to stay. If you do business in New York City for even a day, you have to pay New York State income tax for that day. It’s one of the reasons Rush Limbaugh decided to move to Florida full time. The governor at the time welcomed the move. Welcome to New York when you’re a Republican.

The allure of New York is obviously failing, as the population drop proves. Everyone in the state knows what the word “snowbird” means and that they are usually flying to Florida. Some of them stay. Donald Trump has his home in Florida, he only rents New York City. Now the state is going to punish him for his presence.


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