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Hillary Fever: Catch It! | September 12, 2016

I have no idea if Hillary Clinton is suffering from a chronic cognitive disorder brought on by a severe concussion or was simply overworked and suffering from a bronchial infection. What I do know is that the opacity of her campaign has created a veil which makes both possible given what little evidence we have. Clinton is literally Schrodinger’s Cat, protected by a box that conceals any attempts to determine if she is alive or dead.

I am saddened that of the hundreds of millions of Americans eligible to be president, the two (three if you count Gary Johnson) running are the best we could get. Donald Trump has a lot of support, but he was hardly anyone’s first choice. Hillary Clinton simply had to hold off a vanity campaign with no money and no support by the Democratic Party.

To make up for the lack of a real choice, the people and the media had some standards for candidates to at least reveal some information about themselves. In the modern era, however, medical records have become very private and no candidate really wants every embarrassing accident, weird infection or odd thing to be made available to a social media storm that can pick out any one thing and keep it on the Internet forever. So, a lot of medical “summaries” and statements came out instead. We don’t know about Bill Clinton’s VD, George Bush’s ODs or Barack Obama’s, well, anything.

Hillary Clinton has had a medical report released, but seems to have more incidents now that her schedule has increased for the campaign. Donald Trump has shown no signs of ill health, but had a hastily scribbled doctor’s note, slightly shorter than the Gettysburg Address, as his public record. At this point, health is just another point of personal opinion added to the pile that doesn’t really help anyone decide whom to vote for.


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