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All Terrorism is Local

September 11, 2016
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I really had no idea what to write today. For years, I posted my tribute to James Gregory Smith, a Kantor Fitzgerald employee in the World Trade Center. He and thousands of other people died that day, but the reasons, like almost everything else in this country and the world have become “politicized.” I put politicized in quotes because it, in fact, has nothing to do with the business of government. What we’re talking about on a global scale is who will be in control and what the people in power will do to the people with less power, or no power.

If the European Union was an example of good government, there would not have been Brexit. If the process of government simply needed skilled stewardship, Donald Trump would not be a major party nominee right now. If terrorism were not effective, it would not still be happening.

I think the reaction to September 11, 2001 will prevent a massive single attack from happening in the near future. That massacre fundamentally altered national policy and global relations. Middle Eastern countries are now seeing the cost of letting these maniacs run wild while they ignored them. The bad news is that terrorism has become localized. The Orlando shooting and the attack in Nice, France are examples of using unplanned violence in random places to terrify the public. Many places in the world don’t have large buildings, but most have night clubs and public squares.

What we consider political is actually cultural. We need to elevate the human spirit, not by allowing every personal whim to become a right, but by allowing the human race in this global community freedom to think and say what they want, but not impose those beliefs on everyone else. And that goes for keeping the government at arm’s length as well. If human beings are packed in like rats, they will start to act like rats.


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