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Gary Johnson: 50; Egg McMuffin: 1?

September 9, 2016
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In the process to get on the ballot, the Libertarian Party has not been able to have their candidate’s name printed on all 50 state ballots since Ross Perot’s name was also on there. As of this week, however, it is easy for every American to vote for Gary Johnson. This is slightly better than the case for Donald Trump, where his name may not appear on the Minnesota ballot.

One of the worst candidates is probably Evan McMullin, the last-minute NeverTrump candidate who decided to name a fictional Nathan Johnson, no relation to Gary, in 8 out of nine ballot applications. In most of those states, the name cannot be a “placeholder” and would make the application invalid if McMullin does not choose a candidate who legally goes by that name.

This may be about the end of the anti-Trump peanut gallery to mount a campaign of anyone whose not Trump, also not Gary Johnson, but who will accept the humiliating defeat of being a nearly total vanity campaign. First they tried to get Rubio nominated, then they tried to get Austin Peterson nominated for the Libertarian Party, then they tried to get a prominent Republican politician to run, then they were willing to go with anyone who was mildly vetted.


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