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Why Aleppo?

September 8, 2016
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Any publicity is good publicity.

After weeks of Trump / Clinton drama, Gary Johnson finally got an interview on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. Former plagiarist and fictional news columnist Mike Barnicle asked Johnson what he would do as president about Aleppo. The headline was that Johnson did not know what Aleppo is, which was made especially clear by Barnicle remarking “you’re kidding” after Johnson asked about it.

Full disclosure that I did not know where or even what Aleppo is. Apparently, it is an ancient Syrian city that has been decimated by being in the way of a battle between Bashar al-Assad and rebel forces. Ultimately, it is yet another crisis where the world (in other words, the United States) is supposed to interfere.

Governor Johnson’s preparedness aside, Barnicle’s question is ridiculous. Why does the U.S. need to do anything? In fact, we have already supported (along with ISIS) rebels strong enough to fight a bloody, protracted war with the leader of Syria. In a way, Johnson’s lack of knowledge may have been better than the Libertarian answer. We should do nothing. Doing things is the reason why Aleppo is the way it is. If it wasn’t that city, there’s a list of cities around the world engaged in crises both internally and externally created.


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