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What the Hillary? | September 7, 2016

Earlier this week, the Richmond Times Dispatch in Virginia endorsed Gary Johnson for president. While they criticize both Clinton and Trump, their 36 year streak of endorsing Republicans seems to indicate they didn’t want to endorse Donald Trump and were never going to endorse Hillary Clinton. They interviewed Johnson and found him acceptable enough to support.

More disturbing is the Dallas Morning News, who has supported Republicans for 75 years. They completely reversed course and chose Hillary Clinton by mistaking her ability to game the system as competence for high office. They apparently decided that Johnson was not a serious enough candidate and that Trump must be punished (along with Americans) for not being the right Republican.

The Trump campaign of 2016 is looking more and more like the Obama campaign of 2008. The Hillary-supporting PUMAs eventually had to make a choice, give in, turn to the other side or give up entirely with a protest vote. It’s hard to say the actual breakdown because all three choices were made by people who claim the name PUMA today.

NeverTrump is either going to end up supporting Trump, like Mark Levin, supporting Hillary, like the Dallas Morning News or protest voting for a candidate (Evan McMullin) who is running a vanity campaign. A vote for Gary Johnson will only have an impact in 4 years, and that’s if the Libertarian Party candidate can get 15% of the popular vote.

The last even remotely popular third party candidate was Ross Perot, and he ran as a protest candidate to George H. W. Bush, who ran as a Reagan Republican, failed, and then won the nomination because he was an incumbent. The establishment, who makes crass, self-centered political decisions, will not try to torpedo Trump now that he has a real chance of winning. Johnson is close to peaking. Depending on the polling, he could either get 15% right before the qualifying date, or his support could collapse to 7% within days.

Anti-Trumpism is in danger of becoming toxic, turning conservatives into compromised Clinton supporters. That’s got to be worse than Donald Trump himself.


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