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The End of Greta on Fox News | September 6, 2016

Just two days ago, I wrote about the future of Fox News. Greta Van Susteren has announced that she is taking advantage of a clause in her contract that allows her to leave if Roger Ailes is no longer at the helm, which goes to show that even while he was a disgusting pervert, he knew how to run a network.

A few years ago, Fox shook up their evening schedule. They moved Hannity out of a prime spot at 9pm and pushed in rising star Megyn Kelly. Hannity got dumped to 10 pm and Greta got pushed back to 7 pm. While Greta claimed it would give her a chance to get to bed earlier and have a more normal life, it must not have set as well with her. She was able to get a lot of interviews with people like Sarah Palin, who didn’t even like doing Fox shows at a certain point. Greta was fair but also informative and transitioned a “legal” show to one that fit Fox’s hopeful and patriotic message.

Greta has been on Fox for over 2/3 of its total time on the air, taking over after the short run of Paula Zahn and the shorter run of Rita Cosby at the 10 pm slot. I guess the question is, who will be next to leave?


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