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Work Vs. Government

September 5, 2016
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The site decided to go full anti-Trump in every post today. The lengths they are going to get a win for Hillary are truly embarrassing.

  • Trump rented out a floor of the Trump Tower to the Saudis (bad) while the Clinton Foundation got a “donation” and pocketed none of it (good). Of course, no mention is made of the nigh dollar speeches Bill Clinton makes.
  • Trump donated to Pam Bondi and Florida’s Trump University¬†investigation ended. If Bondi wanted to endanger her career for a measly $25,000, that’s one thing, but she may have simply decided that the case was a loser and didn’t want to run politically motivated lawsuits against rich people like New York does constantly.
  • Multiple stories of how Gary Johnson is taking from Trump’s support. This has been shown to be inaccurate as Clinton loses more than Trump from Johnson.
  • A fairly new attack on FiveThrityEight and Nate Silver’s decline in stating how Trump could win.

The founder of¬† has lived outside of the US for decades but still obsesses over the Electoral College and wants to influence American policy from abroad. As a Democrat, he’s been trying to diminish the Trump campaign for months to get Hillary elected and stooped now to equating business transactions with soliciting donations in a position of power.

On this Labor Day, it is important to point out that businesses have oversight by the government while government has oversight by the people. If Trump was making crooked deals and buying political influence, it is the government’s fault for lack of oversight. If Hillary is abusing her position to help her own foundation, regardless of its intentions, that is also a failure of government oversight. Ultimately, the people have to decide that Clinton has abused government and that government has failed in its responsibilities.


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