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Hillary Clinton is a Criminal Monster and Other Non-Events

September 2, 2016
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Sometimes it’s tough to consider just how corrupt and secretive Hillary Clinton has been, even going back to Arkansas. Her tenure at State has been celebrated by her allies, not for elevating our place in the world, but how much it was made into a seminar on the ideal liberal workplace. Her time as Senator was marked by ignoring constituents unless they could help her in ways that would make Chuck Schumer queasy.

Back in 2012, the Obama administration could have just admitted that a terrorist attack in Benghazi led to American deaths and he probably still would have won an election based mostly on free stuff. Instead, Obama wanted to maintain the illusion of control over terrorism and Hillary Clinton played right along. Their different stalling tactics have created a country where no one trusts the government and not enough people make the clear, obvious choices anymore.

First, they claimed a video riled up ordinary Libyans (it didn’t). Then, Hillary claimed that she was informed that the video was the culprit (she wasn’t) and that led to her misinformation. She claimed any e-mails would prove nothing (except it proved that she knew about the terror attack that very night) and that she did nothing wrong with her private server (yet still went to great lengths to hide its contents). Today is the icing on the cake, where she apparently told the FBI she didn’t remember security briefings because of her brain damage concussion. Yet, somehow she is fully fit to be president now.

She is unfit for the presidency in ways too numerous to count.


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