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Democracy Still Applies | August 31, 2016

Donald Trump held a decent lead through the Republican nomination contest. In the general election season, he has been behind Hillary Clinton most of the time. It seems that Sean Hannity has had enough of it. On Tuesday, Hannity called out influential Never Trump people (made up of Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg) and assigned ownership of a possible Hillary Clinton presidency to them. Beck responded that if he couldn’t help to elect Ted Cruz, he doubts that his reservations over Trump would be enough to stop him.

The Democrats are throwing the play book and the safe it’s stored in at Donald Trump right now. While it is fun to laugh at small crowds at Clinton events and the fact they can’t blow away Trump with a huge spending advantage, these things do work. Mitt Romney is also right. Trump can’t get more than 53% of the vote because the other 47% is hoping for a Hillary handout next year.

Trump’s only job now is to win enough American votes to become president. He owns this, more so than the Sean Hannitys and other supporters from the primaries on up. If democracy still works, Americans need a reason to vote one way or another. And if you think democracy doesn’t work anymore, you’d might as well declare Clinton the winner now.


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