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Don’t Bother Making Friends with Democrats | August 29, 2016

Around 2000, John McCain was considered the favorite Republican of Democrats. The media also liked his presidential campaign because McCain would answer any and all questions. When George W. Bush started to pull ahead of McCain, the media pointed to racism being used by Bush’s supporters to spread rumors about McCain.

It was all crap.

As soon as John McCain ran away with the nomination in 2008, the media realized that they didn’t like McCain anymore. In 8 years McCain suddenly became a feeble old man who couldn’t work a smart phone. Of course, it’s hard to work a smart phone when the Vietnamese crush your hands a few times.McCain may have been tortured and stuff, but Obama really suffered because some White people might have been mean to him at his Hawaiian prep school.

Bush was more aware that the media wasn’t exactly in the business of focusing sunlight on Republican ideas. They were more likely to put them under a microscope, in the same way one might put ants under a magnifying lens. McCain and Romney may not have been cautions enough about that.

If there are reasons not to vote for Trump as a Republican, no one should bother using the reasoning that the media will like the GOP if we got a “better” candidate. While the attacks against Donald Trump are customized (slightly) for him, they are designed to apply to any Republican. Hillary Clinton’s association with Robert Byrd, for example, doesn’t count because 1. Byrd has been dead a long time. 2. Byrd renounced the Klan and 3. most hilariously, the KKK of his time was more of a social organization and not a racist one. That’s similar to the excuse that Obama joined a Black Liberation church not because he didn’t like White people, but because it was a networking organization for Blacks in Chicago.

One way the attack is backfiring is that racism charges against Trump include Blacks and Hispanics as one group. Essentially, the Democrats are now in a position where they are treating two very different ethnic and cultural group as some underclass that needs their protection. This is exactly the kind of message Trump is building a defense for.


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