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Will Gary Johnson Get the Nomination Again? | August 28, 2016

No, this isn’t a post from a couple of months ago. Gary Johnson got the Libertarian nomination for the second time this year. After that, he seemed to run on a platform where he emulates Bernie Sanders, except with more pot. Libertarians are anti-war and anti-intervention. They also don’t care about moral objections to things like abortions. But now, Johnson is using that and breaking some other Libertarians stances in what appears to be a desperate attempt to get the Bernie vote.

Last week, Johnson had to walk back the idea of a carbon fee, which he said was not a tax. That couldn’t get any more Obama if he said “let me be clear” first.He also has expressed sympathy for Black Lives Matters in a way that ignores the fact BLM only promotes Black criminals shot by police and not obviously innocent Black victims.

Is conservatism dead if no one wants to talk to it? In 2008, McCain spent his campaign trying to court PUMA Hillary voters and lost. Romney was supposedly looking at Democrats disillusioned with Obama, but spent too much time trying to win back Tea Party voters pissed off at him over the primaries. He lost. Donald Trump is going after a base of people who don’t like Obama or Clinton. Hillary is probably going to use the Obama data operation to badger just enough people to vote for her in swing states.

What happens when Gary Johnson gets 6% of the vote? That’s my prediction, by the way. Will we end up with the naked guy from the convention? How about the guy wanted for murder in another country? Maybe we’d get the guy who thinks we should be free to sell heroin to 4 year-olds. Maybe Rand Paul will take a shot with a party that technically believes some of what he does.

It’s gonna be a two-way race.


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  1. I do like Gary and Jill. May skim votes from Hill and Don, but really, they are both worse than Hill and Don. x1000.

    Love ya!

    Comment by DeniseVB — August 28, 2016 @ 7:44 pm

    • I didn’t quite get that. Who’s worse than who?

      Third “parties” don’t do well. Third persons do better. Ross Perot basically created the Reform Party. Lincoln was the second Republican to ever run and he didn’t win the GOP nomination in 1864. John Anderson also ran without any kind of alternate party.

      When Johnson tries to pander to the Bernie Sanders Democrats, he sends the message that he’s just a copy of the Democrats.

      Comment by 1539days — August 28, 2016 @ 8:42 pm

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