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Killing Breitbart, Part 5 | August 23, 2016

Note: This is final part in a series on what happened to the Breitbart name and legacy after Andrew Breitbart’s death.

The End of Online Breitbart

Glenn Beck is the competition.

Beck created a TV network after putting it online first, something that hasn’t happened before. Beyond that, he is ready for the transition from linear television to a subscription-based online content creation and distribution. He’s already doing it. His radio show is a simulcast of video on his network The Blaze and his 5 pm show is the continuation of his 5 pm show when he was on Fox News. His website rivals other online aggregaters like

Glenn Beck was the only major “conservative” Andrew Breitbart attacked publicity. Besides making accusations toward Breitbart, Beck had hired people away for his site The Blaze in 2011. Beck himself had essentially put himself in another sphere by then by broadcasting private communications between him and Sarah Palin which subsequently ended all communication. Every couple of years, Beck predicts (promises?) some global calamity that will only be survived by perseverance and faith. I mentioned earlier a modified historical tale Beck recycled.

Over the last few years, Fox News has gone from the source of fair but conservative news to a mainstream news operation that hires increasing numbers of left-leaning personalities and upsetting more ideologues. The visionary behind the network has resigned in disgrace. Now, we have an aging Bill O’Reilly, a ridiculously biased Sean Hannity and Megyn Kelly, who has been shown to be useless outside 9 pm.

One theory is that an unholy alliance between Trump, Stephen Bannon, Robert Mercer (the only big GOP donor who wants to donate) and a rumored Roger Ailes helping with debater prep want to form a right-wing network that will push propaganda down America’s throat. This, of course, presupposes that Trump will lose.

If Trump wins, Bannon becomes the new Karl Rove (or, gulp, Valerie Jarrett) and the Mercers are the only ones Trump owes loyalty to. A Trump win will shake up the paradigm of the political campaign, even if the actual presidency may be a hot mess. The Republican Party may never be the same. Plus, Sean Hannity’s contract is up this year.

Either way, my only hope is that the name Breitbart is put to rest in its current incarnation. More and more, different people are claiming ownership of Andrew Breitbart’s supposed thoughts and beliefs on a matter. Even I played clips to prove points. No matter what happens, I fear my beliefs will be in the wilderness again.

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