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Killing Breitbart, Part 4 | August 22, 2016

Note: This is part 4 in a series on what happened to the Breitbart name and legacy after Andrew Breitbart’s death.

The News Toilet

Lazy bloggers probably still have links to Big Government or Breitbart that no one uses. I just looked, and I have one as well. I used to go to the site every day and I put the link on my website so I could jump right to it after editing or posting on my own page. I also felt a sort of duty to continue looking at after its founder’s death. That didn’t last very long.

I still see links to Breitbart on other blogs, especially by Trumpers who love validation of their own opinions. I rarely click because the site is loaded with margin ads, pop-ups, autoplay videos and enough visual noise to qualify as a Homer Simpson website.

I used to mock the ads on sites like DailyKos that needed the revenue to keep the owners in Cheetos. In fact, most conservative sites have a fair share of ads, but Breitbart takes the prize for most revenue sucking while locking up your browser. Are they in that much financial distress?

When there is no breaking news, networks with 8-9 hours to fill with live anchors cause something called a “news hole.” When that happens, the repetition of content goes up while the quality goes down. is a veritable news toilet, where the content is similar to that of a toilet, except the frequency and consistency is less reliable.

On the Friday night following the Bannon announcement, featured 4 stories rehashing Clinton outrage, one story trashing Glenn Beck for being against the Trump campaign and two stories praising Breitbart employees. One is about the winning strategy of Steve Bannon that was all of 20 hours old and one about the popularity of Milo Yiannopoulos, the gay alt-right icon who says racist and sexist things to increase his media profile (except on twitter, where he is banned for life).

It is literally unbelievable how much Trump could lose on Election Day this year. It is so hard to believe, especially this early, that Trump supporters don’t believe it. In alt-reality, Trump is within the margin of error in all the states he needs and people who support Trump are shrinking violets who won’t talk to pollsters, but will show up in droves on Election Day. Add the fact that the media is skewing all the polls by 10% and hiding the fact that Hillary Clinton has several degenerative neurological disorders. It’s a wonder they even worry about the failed loser NeverTrump crowd supposedly costing them the election.

With a new message and a media empire behind Trump, supporters will have fewer sites that actually promote the inevitability of Donald Trump. Most likely, they will have to upgrade their laptops and open for their safe space validation. Bannon has to hope he’s gotten to them before they all turn off theelectronics that shake them from their delusion.


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