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Hillary is a Walking Corpse and Trump is Running a Fake Campaign | August 18, 2016

Depending on how you feel about Ronald Reagan, he either touched up his hair or straight-up shoe polished it. In any case, age can be a factor in a presidential election. The one I refer to is William Henry Harrison, who was 68 years old for 23 days when he was inaugurated on March 4, 1841. Had he been inaugurated in January, he still would have been 67.

Harrison was a war hero and thought to be spry for a man his age. In order to maintain that image, he chose not to wear an overcoat on a long, cold afternoon when he was inaugurated. He caught pneumonia (or possibly typhoid) and it only grew worse as he was constantly interrupted in his recuperation by requests for action and favors. He died on April 4, 1841.

Reagan beat Harrison by almost 2 years. Trump would be even older. Hillary Clinton would be between the ages of Harrison and Reagan at inauguration, but rumor is that she will be dead by Election Day. Any number of edited and doctored videos exist of her falling, tripping, acting strange or being assisted by shadowy figures. While the health of a presidential candidate is important, I don’t think that supporters will find the “evidence” of her health to be all that convincing.

In the realm of total bullshit is the Huffington Post editorial posted as news by lying sack of crap Michael Moore. His claim is that Trump announced a presidential run because NBC was losing interest in the Apprentice and he needed to generate buzz. His buzz got him fired by NBC and lost business in other places. He realized that he would have to make due with being President. Then, he discovered his victory was not assured and started to sabotage his campaign as a way to force the GOP to give up on him. Actually, Moore’s whole column is just another “Republicans are all racist because Trump.” Trump losing would not have the same impact as a real Republican losing because it would look more like bad candidate selection rather than a party near the end.

Whatever else you want to say about Trump, he really thought he could win.


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